JOIN(T) SERIES by no_editions and artist Hermann Josef Hack
no_editions and artist Hermann Josef Hack
release JOIN(T) series

The collaboration between artist Hermann Josef Hack and no_editions continues with a release of the JOIN(T) series, that connect Hack’s original artworks and paintings with no_editions dresses.

For this collaboration Hermann Josef Hack created 3 elongated versions of his ‘ Climate Life Vest ’ artworks / paintings on tarp, to be worn over no_editions dresses, joined together with an Argentium silver belt.
The original artworks are worn and carried into the public - a new, responsible luxury and a personal statement by it’s wearer, relating to the content and message of the artwork

Different to most collaboration between fashion and art, that copy or transfer artworks directly on clothing and accessories, the integrity of the artworks by Hermann Josef Hack is not compromised - they are used in their original state, material and intended context and are not permanently joined to or part of the clothing.

The first 3 dresses of the JOIN(T) series will be available exclusively at the no_editions store in Milan ( no_editions Milan, Via P. Verri 5, open 10-7 daily, T. +39 366 9896063 ) and online at

no_editions will donate all profits from these series to UNFCCC certified climate protection projects.

Hermann Josef Hack and no_editions started their collaboration presenting the Manifesto di Milano, September 13, 2018 in Milan - a declaration of positive climate action. A live performance by Hack in front of the no_editions store in Milan invited the public audience to take part and join the new movement to protect our climate by sustainable fashion. 

International operating German artist Hermann Josef Hack founded the GLOBAL BRAINSTORMING PROJECT in 1991, since that time his artworks deal with the social impacts of global change.
” As climate change is a cultural issue, the solution can only be found within culture ”
“ Art and the fashion/luxury industry shape our culture, provide role models and influence our lifestyle - let’s make our culture a culture of climate protection - let’s make fashion a climate protection - let’s make climate protection a fashion.

The manifesto highlighted the importance of fashion as part of the necessary, fundamental cultural change, and the significant impact of the fashion and textile industry on greenhouse gas emissions - currently, total greenhouse gas emissions from textile production (at 1.2 billion tonnes annually) are more than those of all international flights and maritime shipping combined, according to the UN Climate Change organization, and emissions from textile production are expected to rise by more than 60 percent by 2030.

Christian Niessen + Nicole Lachelle, founders no_editions :
“ There was a great response to the Manifesto performance and many in the audience engaged in longer conversations - we could see there is definitely a strong concern about climate change. We all, as part of a large, global industry, need to come forward individually with positive and smart solutions to engage customers and offer sustainable solutions that are enjoyable, beautiful and desirable.
no_editions was founded based on responsible design and production principles - uniqueness, waste-reduction, incentives to recycle and the integration of artisanal craftsmanship with modern technology - for us this is not just words on a T-shirt or a marketing slogan, but an integral part of what we actually do and that is inherent to our products and lifestyle.
The new JOIN(T) series offer the possibility to participate in sustainable luxury and to acquire something uniquely special, a real artwork, and wear it as a statement for specific occasions - a festival, event, a red carpet or whenever it feels right … a different approach than couture, but likewise something very personal …

Hermann Josef Hack‘s Climate Life Vests, new paintings and the JOIN(T) series dresses are presented at the no_editions Milan store until October 25.
( no_editions Milan, Via P. Verri 5, open 10-7 daily, T. +39 366 9896063 )
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Hermann Josef Hack
instagram @hackhermannjosef
no_editions / Nicole Lachelle + Christian Niessen
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About Hermann Josef Hack
“I am a painter, painting every day. There are things that cannot be expressed but by painting. Art is to change what you expect from it. So I paint on tarps, I get from factories. My paintings can be shown not only in white cubes but nearly everywhere. I showed them in refugee camps or in the streets, not only to visitors in galleries and museums.
Art is one of the oldest and most intensive means of communication.
We live in a never ending process of global change. Mankind has triggered the process of climate change that can now be seen by everybody. We need transformation. As climate change is a cultural issue, the solution can only be found by means of culture. The arts are free. Art is not to explain things, but to get visions and find new ways of solutions.
I invite you to have a look at my artwork and be part of the
Welcome to join my performance Manifesto di Milano.”
Hermann Josef Hack
More info: JOIN(T) series no_editions and Hermann Josef Hack.pdf
no_editions MILAN opens June through December 2018 - under a working title - TRANCIENT SERIES 2018 - the temporary store will feature no_editions handbags, leather goods and select jewelry items and a monthly rotation of related art installations.

Throughout 2017 no_editions sequentially introduced a growing collection of handmade, artisanally crafted luxury handbags, made in Switzerland.

All no_editions handbags are hand sewn / saddle stitched, ( French couture sellier ), off-set by solid Argentium silver hardware accents, combining the work of the traditional selliers / leather craftsmen with the beauty of hand forged silversmith work.

Very few brands can still produce and offer this handmade quality and no_editions is the first brand to combine the sellier’s craftsmanship with hand forged solid Argentium silver hardware.

The no_editions signature silver handles, as well as the silver design elements, plaques and foot plates establish a distinct and unique identity.

The hand forged, ergonomic silver handles are the result of an intensive development process, combining modern 3-D technology with traditional craftsmanship, and are a distinct characteristic of the no_editions handbags, highlighting the value of artisanal, human labor in a modern context

The use of solid Argentium silver guarantees a superior quality to traditional Sterling silver. Argentium 935 / 960 silver is a modern silver alloy - invented by a Master Silversmith at Middlesex University, London - a higher purity jewelry alloy with antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, stronger and with a higher tarnish resistance than Sterling, all produced following strict ethical standards.

With a focus on true quality and responsible sourcing only finest French calf leathers and exotic leathers from the best Italian and French tanneries are used for all no_editions handbags.

Silhouettes range from functional shoppers to more structured, architectural styles and evening bags

True to no_editions core principle, each bag is offered only once in its exact design and same as with the apparel, each bag is marked with its serial number corresponding to the one-of-a-kind design.

no_editions bags, leather goods and jewelry are exclusively available at and no_editions Pop Up and temporary retail locations.

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no editions SPRING 18 01 SERIES
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